Proposal Date: 2/22/17

website graphics

for Alchemy Brand Consulting

Thank you for the opportunity to submit a proposal for your website graphics! Working together, I think we can create a site that is modern, professional, and welcoming. Please let me know if you have any questions after reviewing!

Color Palette and Guideines

I will give you a full color palette + the hex and pms color codes. You will be able to use the exact colors in web, print, or any other media you would like to use them. (You could even take the color code to Lowes and get a matching can of paint in the same color! :) ) 

Font Palette and Guidelines

I will plug these in to squarespace for you, but will also give you guidelines for how to use the fonts in print or other media. You will be able to keep a consistent look throughout all of your branding.

Up to 10 website graphics

I do think it's a good idea to do 3 seperate pages instead of 1 long page, for ease of navigation. I think we can plan for approximately 3 graphics per page, or allow for more on the services page.

Up to 10 icons

I would like to give you icons representing your services, and the idea of behind Alchemy. 

Extra Notes:

I would like to format all of these graphics so that you can take them and translate onto print or social media. I will give you all the files in different file formats, so you can easily print or post.


payment plan

Upon accepting this proposal, I will email a contract as well as an invoice for the first 50% of this total. The final 50% will be billed once the website is completed and before the website goes live.

Proposal Acceptance

Thank you!

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