Nervous about getting an intern for your small business? Read this!

We get it. Growing your brand can feel overwhelming at times, and it often feels like there’s just not enough hours in the day to get things done. It can feel like there’s a never ending to-do list and simply not enough minds to do the job. 

That said, as a creative entrepreneur, you’re acting as a master of your craft, whatever that may be.

As a master of your craft, you’re sitting in a position with experience, specific knowledge, and unique creative talent.

Not only do you have skills to offer your clients, you also have skills to train those that one day want to be in your shoes... those that are a few steps behind you when it comes to building a brand. 

When considering adding an intern to your team, three helpful questions that I would ask are as follows : 

  1. What skills would best support your team? Answering this question requires you to take a deep look at your business and what your goals are. If your desire is to grow your blog, hiring a graphic designer may not be your best option. Be honest with yourself and make a list of your goals for the next few months, write out the skills that an individual has that can help you achieve those goals, and narrow your search. 

  2. What time commitment do you need? Whether you’re considering a paid internship or an internship for course credit, be honest upfront about the expectations that you have, as well as the time commitment that your intern needs. Time is valuable and communicating expectations upfront prevents unnecessary conflict. 

  3. What am I willing to delegate? What am I willing to teach? In order to get tasks off of your plate, you have to be willing to teach skills according to your standards. It takes a little bit of time on the front end, but the payoff is worth it. After all, the goal of hiring an intern is to help grow your brand, not detract from it. 

The key to successful internships is creating a program that is mutually beneficial to both you and your intern. 

Be encouraged today. People want to learn from you!  

With an established brand, you have a lot to offer. 



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Lindsey Washington