Proposal Date: 3/9/17

website design & build

Thank you for the opportunity to submit a proposal for the design of the Engaged Wedding Library Charleston website. Please let me know if you have any questions after reviewing!

Website Hosting Fee: $215/year

This fee will go directly to your hosting company, Squarespace. The is the only yearly recurring fee.

The following quotes are based on the time it will take to create each page.

Website Set Up:  $250

This includes adding in all brand materials, setting fonts, colors, initial site set-up, and connecting the domain name to your website.

exact copy of the following pages: $750

This included customizations of the banners on each page

About the Library

Make an Appointment

Join the Library

The Engaged Blog

(With one post added)

Meet the Engaged Girls

Library Card Product Listing

Vendor Collection- $350

I had some custom coding done to this section. It will need to be done again, so this amount goes directly to the coder. 

All Categories Added

One Vendor Added

any Additional edits: $50/hour

Total: $1100 (+ 215 for web hosting)


I will connect any email addresses to your website and set it up through gmail. You will then manage the email and it will auto-renew each year for $50/year. I am not responsible for technical issues that may arise after the launch of the website and email. I will provide you with a list of contacts who can help if technical issues should arise. 

Extra Notes:

I consider myself an expert Squarespace website designer, and will be with you to see you through a successful launch. Once our time is done, I want you to be in expert hands as well! Should you need technical assistance (such as your server going down, or email not connecting) I will provide you with contacts that can provide you with exceptional technical support. I am not responsible for technical issues after the launch of the website. Any additional website edits after the launch of the site (that are outside of the proposal) will be quoted and billed at an hourly rate. I feel confident that you will be comfortable making all day-to-day edits once the site has launched! You will love the simplicity and ease of use of your website!

payment plan

Upon accepting this proposal, I will email a contract as well as an invoice for the first 50% of this total. The final 50% will be billed once the website is completed and before the website goes live.

Proposal Acceptance

Thank you!

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