Tier 1

Magazine Branding

Main Logo
Secondary Logo
Logo Mark
Color Palette
Font Palette
Magazine Style Guide



Tier 2

Design Editing

Magazine Branding Included
Print and Production Consulting
Design Consulting

(20) hours of Magazine Editing

This would include:
Editing the design and layout of the magazine either in process or once it is complete. This does not include grammar editing, just layout and design.



Tier 3

Full Design & Development

Magazine Branding Included
Design Consulting
Print and Production Consulting
InDesign Template Creation

Full Magazine Design and Development

This would include: 
• Approx. 100 pages
• Approx. 100 hours of design time
• Simple vector illustrations
• Organization of magazine content and imagery to make it easy to reference and recreate every year.



Add-Ons not included in tiers:

If we need to go outside of the scope to purchase/hire on additional support for the magazine, I will notify you of the cost of the add-on and you can approve if you would like to proceed.  This would include but not be limited to:

Stock Photography
Vector Elements