5-DAY Brand Discovery Challenge

Time to get real. I’m sure you started your own business for a million awesome reasons, but I bet one of the top ones was that you wanted to do what you loved. But are you really doing it? This freebie will help you say YES to what you love and goodbye to those things that don’t light you up. You will gain confidence, clarity and direction as you complete this 5-Day Email Challenge focused on things ALL ABOUT YOU.


Brand Evaluation

How well do you know your brand? Evaluate it with this 4-page questionnaire, then see how you score!

Brand Stock Photos w/ Easy Tutorial

Create your own custom, branded stock photos with these 3 photos!

Ideal Client Worksheet

Who do you love working with and why? Discover your ideal client with the Ideal Client Profile sheets!

Daily Task Sheet

Need helps structuring your day? Use this sheet daily to write out your projects, tasks, and clients.

(Pst: you can purchase this in a tearsheet notepad here!)

Other Small Business Resources

I am so lucky to be surrounded by some crazy talented creatives in all different fields. If you need assistance, inspiration, or even community, below are some great resources for you as you grow your business!

Books I love