Brand & Website Proposal

for Kathy G

Proposal Date: 3/2/2018

Thank you so much for allowing me to quote this proposal! Should you choose to accept, I will be with you every step of the way to make this process as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

brand design


Comprehensive Brand Questionnaire
Personalized Mood Board

This step allows me to get to know you and your brand a little better, plus, it gives you vision + inspiration for where we are headed with the design. I use the mood board when designing, and I encourage you to use it as a visual guide for your brand. 


3-4 Brand Concepts for you to chose from

I like to explore lots of concepts when I design, so why not let you in on it too! I show you between 3-4 of my initial concepts, then we narrow it down to your favorite 1-2. You may offer up to 2 rounds of changes to your chosen few, then we narrow it down to your favorite. From here, we build out your full brand system. 


Main Logo
Secondary Logo
Logo Mark
Color Palette
Font Palette
Business Card Design
Favicon (for your website)

This is where your brand really takes shape. Here we create all the pieces that you need to maintain a consistent brand on your own.


Social Media Logos
Facebook Profile Image
Facebook Banner Image
Instagram Profile Image
(Minimum of 3) Styled Images Showcasing Your New Logo

We create consistent brand identity pieces for your Social Media, then create styled photos for the reveal of your new brand!


Brand Style Guide (How to use your new brand files)
Resource Guide for Printing, Photography, Copywriting, Etc.

What do you do once those final brand files have arrived in your inbox? First, pop open a bottle of champagne, then check out the Brand Style Guide, and Resource Guide. This gives you instructions on how to use your files (along with pictures), and my favorite resources for printing with direct links.

Additional Design Elements can be added to this package such as stationery, packaging, etc.

total brand price: $1750

(2 payments of $875)

Website Hosting Fee: $120-$240/year

This fee will go directly to your hosting company, SquareSpace. The is the only yearly recurring fee. The final cost will be determined once the website design is complete based on the final page count and administrator access needs.

Website Set Up:  $250

This includes adding in all brand materials, setting fonts, colors, initial site set-up, and connecting the domain name to your website.

1. Home Page Design: $500

The home page will determine the design and layout of the entire website. You will approve the design of this page, before all other pages are built out. I would really expand the home page to showcase your services, click buttons to lead you throughout the site, client testimonials, and SEO text.

2. catering: $350

I see this as a scrolling page with different sections such as What all is Included, Testimonials, a Gallery, links to Menus, as well as calls to action throughout the page.

3. menus: $450

These menus will be set up for easy editing.

4. weddings: $350

This will also be a long scrolling page with sections such as Venue Partners, Why Choose Kathy G, Galleries, Testimonials, links to Menus, and calls to action throughout the page.

5. garden cafe: $250

Here we will beautifully showcase the venue as well as how to book, hours of operation, etc.

6. shop: $150

Here we will have Kathy's signature book available for purchase.

7. Galleries: $250

I see this broken down into image and video galleries. This will be set up for easy editing.

8. Blog: $450

I will set up your blog page and sidebar along with 1 post that you can easily duplicate.


Website Training: Included


(2 payments of $1475)

payment plan

Upon accepting this proposal, I will email a contract as well as an invoice for the first 50% of this total. The final 50% will be billed once the website is completed and before the website goes live.

Extra Notes:

I consider myself an expert SquareSpace website designer, and will be with you to see you through a successful launch. Once our time is done, I want you to be in expert hands as well! Should you need technical assistance (such as your server going down, or email not connecting) I will provide you with contacts that can provide you with exceptional technical support. I am not responsible for technical issues after the launch of the website. Any additional website edits after the launch of the site (that are outside of the proposal) will be quoted and billed at an hourly rate. I feel confident that you will be comfortable making all day-to-day edits once the site has launched! You will love the simplicity and ease of use of your website!