Join me for a one-day Squarespace Intensive Workshop & learn how to build your website in one day! 

You've got a Squarespace site, and just wish you could customize it without a) completely messing it up or b) paying for a complete web design. You are ready to get your blog off of the ground, but figuring out the website all on your own has become stressful and way too time consuming. You've got a product ready to sell, and setting up an online store is your last and most daunting step.

If this is you, then join me for an in-person workshop and learn Squarespace in one day! 


When? Friday, may 19 | 9 AM- 4PM

See workshop schedule below

Where: Downtown Birmingham, AL 

Join my in my cozy downtown studio in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama!



This workshop IS for you if:

  • You're a business owner who would like to know how to manage your website without calling up a web designer every time you need an edit made. 
  • Your knowledge of Squarespace is beginner to intermediate.
  • You don't want to hire a web designer, but you need more Squarespace knowledge to finish building your website.
  • You signed up for a Squarespace account, but you log in, and it all looks like Greek to you!
  • You need to launch your website asap, but are held up by a few things you can't figure out.

This workshop is NOT for you if:

  • You are having technical difficulties with your site such as domain name not connecting, email server down, etc. This class is focused on designing and building your Squarespace site. Tech probs are best solved by hosting providers and IT experts! 
  • You are not a Squarespace user or don't wish to be. This workshop is only for Squarespace websites. The information covered won't convert to Wordpress, Blogger, Wix, etc.
  • You want your website designed for you. This workshop is for those wanting to learn the basics of Squarespace building. If you are needing your site designed/branded, then hiring a designer (waving-hand emoji!) is the best fit for you. 


Schedule + what you will learn:

8:30-9 AM: Meet and Greet

9-10 AM: Pick the right template for your business

Different templates work best for different businesses such as artists, bloggers, online stores, etc. Find the template that's right for you!

10-11 AM: Set up your site

Learn all about the Style Editor, how to add in your custom colors, fonts, etc. Add your logo, favicon, and social media logo. 

11-11:30 am: when you just can't figure something out

How to outsource a web problem for as little as $5. We will be doing a live demonstration of online outsourcing. 

11:30-Noon: All about Photos

Adding in galleries, summaries, slideshows, your instagram feed, etc. 

Noon-1 PM: Break for lunch at Roho & Coffee at O'henry's!

If the weather permits, we will walk to lunch and coffee! (About a 7 minute walk). Lunch not included in the cost.

1-2 PM: Set up pages

Creating contact forms, store listings, videos, banners, etc.

2-4 PM: 30 Minute Intensive with each website

Bring your questions, or one area/page you are needing the most help, and we will work through it together with everyone. Your question may help someone else! 

4 PM: toast!

To celebrate a job well done!



jessica of Empress Stationery says:

"I have had a square space based website for about 3 years, and it was time to hit refresh on my branding and design. When it was time to look at available templates, I had no idea how to choose what was right for me as a commerce website that also needed a lot of gallery space and large photos. I selected a few and quickly realized I couldn't make them work for me. Emily sat down with me for a few hours, and taught me the differences and purposes for each template, and helped me select the perfect one for my business! After some education on layout, and talking through the tools that were available to me for my template, I was ready to roll! I was able to customize my site and relaunched it without having to hire anyone. Working with Emily made all the difference, and I feel great knowing I'm in control of my website."

See Jessica's Website!

Sarah Deshaw says:

"Emily helped me learn how to work with Squarespace last year and it was SO empowering! My website looks so good and building this skill has given me so much confidence approaching my online bix! Plus, Emily showed me a hack that has allowed me to use my website in the place of a program I was paying monthly for, saving me over $1200/year! I could not recommend this workshop more!

See Sarah's Website!



When? Friday, may 19 | 9 AM- 4PM

See workshop schedule below

Where: Downtown Birmingham, AL 

Join my in my cozy downtown studio in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama!

Cost: $275

Now accepting applications! Only 4 spots available. Click here to apply