Technical Assistance

Jesse Reichenstein

Hourly Rate: $40/hour

Jessica Miller

Hourly Rate: $35/hour

Chris Campbell


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If your website is not loading, first check to make sure your account/billing has not expired. 

Domain Hosting:

If your site isn't loading when you enter your custom domain, try opening the site by entering its built-in domain, which ends in If your site opens using your built-in domain, this suggests that there's an issue with your custom domain.

Check with your domain name provider (Godaddy, Bluehost, Etc.) to see if you need to renew your domain name. If your domain name is up to date, ask customer service if they can tell you why your website isn't loading. You may just need to do a simple refresh of your nameservers. They can walk you through this, or do it for you.

Squarespace Hosting:

Log in to your website, and click through to Settings > Billing. Make sure your card is up to date, and that your hosting has auto-renewed. If everything looks ok, you may check in with Squarespace Customer Service and have them troubleshoot your problem.