Associate brand Designer Guidelines


I am so excited to have you as a part of my team! Please follow these guidelines below as we work on projects together. Please always reach out to me via email or Trello if you have any questions.

  • Typography is of utmost importance. 95% of my fonts are paid fonts- I rarely ever use fonts that come on a computer or free fonts. Beyond that, I usually always treat each letter individually. I rarely ever type out a word or name and leave it untouched. Kerning is really important to me, and the way letters "puzzle piece" together is really important to me.
  • My go-to website for purchasing fonts is If you find a font that you would like to use on a project, please email me and I will purchase it. You will be able to use it for our project only. If you would like to use it beyond our project, then you will need to purchase it yourself. 
  • I always want to listen and follow the wishes of my client, but before I ever send concepts or final designs, I always ask myself, "Is this something that I would be proud to share in my portfolio? Does this represent my brand well?" If the answer is no, I go back to the drawing board. 
  • You are welcome to design in any program that you wish, but I would like to receive the final designs in an Adobe Illustrator file. Please package everything up so that when I go to open the files, no fonts or additional art elements are missing. 
  • I have a designer that saves all of my final files. She saves each file in PDF, EPS, JPG, and PNG. Once the designs are completed. Please save each file individually as a CMYK PDF. 

timeline and workflow

Week 1: Onboarding (Emily)

I will notify you once a client has book to make sure you are available and interested in the project. This will be approximately 1 week before your work will begin. I will then gather questionnaires, pinterest boards, etc. and create a mood board for the client as well as a design brief for you. 

Week 2: Design Concepts (You!)

During week 2, I would love for you to explore! Do as many concepts as you would like during this week, and at the end of this week, send to me for approval. It doesn't matter what form these concepts are in at the end of week 2. If they are detailed sketches, full designs, etc. Whatever your process or you are most comfortable doing! I will give any design direction, and sign off on the 3 concepts that we will move forward with. 

Week 3: Full Concepts for client (You!)

Finalize the chosen 3 concepts and create a secondary logo, logo mark, and business card design for the client on the Brand Concept Template Attached below. 

Week 4: Finalizing Design (emily & You!)

The client will offer any changes they would like to see and we will move forward with the chosen concept. From here, you will complete any collateral design pieces (social media, etc.), and prepare the files for our finalizing designer. And we are complete!