associates web designers guidelines


I am so excited to have you as a part of my team! Please follow the guidelines below as we work together on this project. Please always reach out to me via email or Trello if you have any questions.

  • The SquareSpace template that you choose is most important. Pay attention to the things that the client wants (i.e. a shop, blog, etc.) and remember that as you select the template. 
  • SquareSpace templates are beautiful all on their own, but I really like to push the limits. I encourage you to push through the template and get creative with what you can do to make the website unique. The sky is the limit! 
  • With that being said, always keep the client in mind when designing. Our goal is to make it EASY for them to edit once we hand it over to them. We want to make it beautiful, but we want to make it easy. Think strategically in how to build for the best type of flow for them.
  • The new parallax templates to not offer blog sidebars, and if the client is blogging, that is really important to have. I have purchased a sidebar install that we can use. Please reach out to me for this, if it is needed.
  • NEVER go into developer mode and forgo the template. This is because when the client wants/needs to redo their design (which is inevitable ever few years), they will have to start all over and redo their shop, blog, SEO, etc. There are usually always ways to work around the coding and achieve what you need without going into developer mode. 
  • Typography is really important. Always change the fonts that come with the template to the clients branded fonts. If Squarespace doesn't offer the fonts that the client needs, try to match it as closely as you can to a font that SquareSpace offers. This is just to keep it easy on the client as they go in to edit. Do not code in fonts, as this will make it difficult for them. 
  • Always make sure you change every color, font, etc. to the clients brand colors and fonts. Even if you haven't used a certain header, etc. we need to make sure it's all branded, so that if they go in and add it later, it still matches. 
  • Mobile web view is very, very important. Over 75% of website views now come from mobile! As you design each page, please check how it looks on mobile. This is very important especially when it comes to images. If you use images in the header, make sure the image focal point is correct on mobile. When using galleries, make sure that you don't have a hanging image on mobile. For instance, if you are doing 3 images in a row, it is better to add them in individually so that they stack on mobile instead of lining up 2, and leaving 2 hanging. 
  • When it comes to images, there's a sweet spot between them being too large, or too small. We don't want them pixilated, but we want the site to load quickly. The sweet spot is usually 1500-2500 pixels wide (no worries on height, as it will adjust itself). If the client has given you large images, always size them down before adding them to the site. If they have given you too small images, we will need to request larger ones before continuing. 
  • If the client has given you multiple images to choose from, make sure that everything you choose is consistent and branded. Try to select images with the same color, tones, aesthetic, etc. If they are very inconsistent, consider editing them to make them more cohesive. 

Timeline and Workflow

Week 1: Onboarding (Emily)

I will reach out to you once the I have received the client to see if you are interested and available to take on the project. I will let you know a general timeline. I will then gather all questionnaires, pinterest boards, etc. and create a design brief for you. I will set up a Dropbox folder between me, the client, and you. I will then gather all information from the client for the home page of the website. 

Week 2: Home Page Design (You!)

Once you have received the design brief and the content for the home page, begin by selecting the template and designing the home page. 

Week 3: Home Page Design (You!)

At the beginning of week 3, please send me a link to view your progress. I will offer any design direction needed and sign off on the design. Please have the home page design completed at the end of week 3 and send me the link. 

Following Weeks: Remaining Pages: (You!)

As I receive the information page by page, I will send to you to complete. I would like you to be available to do the pages as the information comes in. 

Before going live

  • Make sure that all forms are connected to the clients preferred email.
  • If they have a store, make sure that they are connected to Stripe and that the store is live. 
  • If they have a store, make sure that they have established shipping.
  • Make sure that they have connected their billing, and have selected to have it auto-renew.