3 Ways to Brand Your Instagram (and get new followers)


Your brand is so much more than your logo (you'll hear me say this A LOT!). It's the way you create your website, its the clothes you wear, the way you speak, and the way you style your instagram! Instagram is currently a really powerful tool for growing your business, and when used well, it can even bring in some big dollars. For me, over half of my clients find me on instagram, but it wasn't always this way. This biggest lesson I learned for my brand (and my instagram) is consistency. What you post, how you edit the post, what you say about the post, should all be speaking the same language over and over. 

Here are 3 simple ways you can brand your instagram. 

1. Pick one color palette.

If you already have a brand system, chances are you were given a specific color palette to use. These colors are most likely colors that you are naturally drawn to, and that effortlessly show up for you in your life. For me, I am drawn to neutrals. For you, it may be bright colors, lots of black and white, or a few of your favorite colors like pink or yellow. Whatever these colors are, choose about 5 of them, and stick to only those colors. Pull pieces from your home or wardrobe that fit into this palette. Build a prop library using your colors so you always have something on hand to shoot with. And always be on the lookout for your colors in the world. If blush is in your color palette, and you come across a blush door, hop in front of it and snag a picture! Or get a strawberry ice cream cone one day as a treat and snap an insta. Here are some great example of consistent color palettes. Can you spot the themes?


2. Pick a consistent editing style

Once you have a color theme, you will also want to pick an editing style. If you are new to photography or editing photos, I suggest you download an app and just play around until you find a style that you like best. I personally spent about 2 hours on a Saturday morning, with a cup of coffee, in bed, and testing tons of different styles until I found the one I liked best. Then once I decided, I used those edits and filters on every single picture. Here's a few examples. On the first instagram, @xomrsmeason has bright white images, with lots of contrast. For @laurenconrad, she adds a pink hue to all of her images, and for @empresstationery, all of hers a white and bright.

If you are a beginner, simple start by adding the same filter to all of your images right in Instagram. If you're ready to really to dive right in, I suggest Afterlight (this is the app I use!), VSCO, or Color Story. All of these apps have editing tools similar to those in Photoshop, Lightroom, and other photo editing programs such as contrast, exposure, shadows, highlights, etc. 


3. Post consistent content

A lot of times, when posting for business, we can get worried that we seem redundant, annoying, or boring speaking and posting about the same things over and over. But the truth is, no one is taking in your brand as much as you are, and what seems like redundancy to you, is actually consistency for your followers. Think about some influencers you follow. Whether it's fashion bloggers, makers, authors, makeup artists, fitness bloggers, etc. you follow them knowing you are going to see a lot of one thing. Whatever field you may be in, or even if you find yourself interested in many things, find a common theme, and share it loud and proud! Here are a few examples of content consistency. Can you find the themes? 


These 3 small moves will make a BIG difference for your instagram and brand. As you grow and refine, your style, brand and instagram will as well. Want more brand tips? Get in touch!

Business, BrandingEmily Wells