Masterminding in Miami


It’s amazing what one could learn in just 48 hours spent with smart people. That’s how long Sarah, Kate, and I had on our #girlbossgetaway weekend in Miami. Whether on the beach, in the ocean, or eating guacamole- when we weren’t sleeping, we were masterminding.

I met Sarah last year when she came to speak at the Birmingham Creative Group that I co-lead called The Orchard. I knew I liked Sarah when she said “I am happy to say that I run a 6 figure business working 5-10 hours a week”. I didn’t really care what followed after that, I was going to listen. Sarah and I connected over the phone a few times following, and found that we equally benefitted from sharing our ideas and getting feedback. When Sarah sent the initial email for the Miami #girlbossgetaway, I knew that I had to make it happen. I am a firm believer that when you make the proper investments in yourself and your business, you will undoubtedly see a much greater return. So I said “duh, girl I’m in”, as did my new friend, Kate, CEO of Mavenly Co.While Sarah and I knew each other, Kate had not met either of us. Her running joke was “Why not go to Miami with 2 strangers you meet off the internet?”. Pretty cool that it’s even possible these days! The 3 of us coming together for a weekend in Miami = “Big Magic” (see “Books I Love” in the sidebar if you haven’t read that one.)


From the minute I arrived at the Thompson, to our dinners at the Soho house, to chatting big ideas in the ocean, our weekend mastermind is one I will never forget and one I know I will see the benefits from for a long time. 

Here are just a few things we discussed and learned.

1. “IF SHE (or he) CAN DO IT, SO CAN WE”

This was a running phrase all weekend! We would get to talking about some of the ladies that inspire us and that we have learned from (Marie Forleo, Hilary Rushford, Gabbie Bernstein, Danielle Laporte), and one of us would always stop mid convo and say, “You know what, if she can do it, so can we!”. And it’s true. There is nothing that separates them from us, they may just be a few years ahead. Hearing women that you truly respect say “you can totally do that”, meant the world to me. Not only did Sarah and Kate encourage me that I have what it takes, they said “let me help you get there”. We each brought a different set of resources that have helped us in our own businesses, and just those resources alone were worth the trip a thousand times over.


Whatever you tell yourself you can or cannot do, or you can or cannot be, that is exactly what you will do or be. Our minds are extremely powerful forces, and whatever mentality you have is exactly what will manifest in your life. Not only that, but the people you surround yourself with also affect your success. They will build you up, or bring you down and it’s important to be conscious of that and protect yourself from negativity whether it be in your own head or coming from someone or something else. I left Miami feeling so encouraged, inspired, and fulfilled after spending time with Kate and Sarah- those are the people I want in my “circle”. 


We decided not long after Miami that 48 of masterminding just wasn’t enough! ;) We now connect at least once a month over Skype, and while we may not be having guac by the ocean, our time together never fails to be beneficial to the growth of ourselves personally and our businesses. Being able to ask questions, share struggles, and get honest feedback from business owners you respect has been so helpful for each of us. 


So how can you form your own mastermind of like-minded lady bosses? Sarah, Kate, and I got together and shared much ore on this over on Kate's podcast, Women, Work, and Worth. Check it out and find my gals at their links below! 

Sarah Deshaw: | @sarahdeshaw • Kate Gremillion: | @mavenlyco

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