Travel Guide: 3 Days in San Franscisco


Our first anniversary was spent in San Fransisco! We had I Left My Heart in San Fransisco on repeat for sure.  We only had a long weekend there, but we packed out schedule full like we always do! Josh and I spend some time researching the cities that we visit beforehand so we know the major tourist attractions we want to see, and also any local restaurants/coffee shops the locals recommend visiting.

Below is a list of my top 6 must sees!


1. The Painted Ladies

The painted ladies are just as you would imagine them. We saw a lot of the neighborhoods via the trolley car. My favorite Trolley ride was our last night. We hopped on pretty late and got a spot right at the front of the car. We stood and basically hung out of the car, and rode through the neighborhoods up and down the hills. Gorgeous views all around!


2. Biking Across the Golden Gate Bridge

This was quite an experience! I had in mind a romantic stroll across the bridge and into Sausalito, and I learned within about 5 minutes that I better get ready to sweat! We started at Fisherman's Wharf, and the whole ride TO the bridge is, of course, up and down the hills of San Fran. We stopped a lot along the way (thank God!) to admire the scenery, so it wasn't too bad. You also get several really great views of the bridge on the way as well, so have your camera ready! Once you are on the Bridge is when your blood really gets to pumping. The wind blows REALLY hard, and there are other bikers (including professional ones whisking by), so I was just ready to make it across safely. Once you are off the bridge, it's all downhill from there (literally!).


3. Scoma's at Fisherman's Wharf

Scoma's is a really wonderful seafood restaurant right on the water. We had lunch there, and got right in. I do think if you go for dinner, a reservation is a good idea. I got the clam chowder and it was yum yum!


4. Lombard Street

Lombard street was on our list of things to see, and it happens to be one of the stops if you ride the trolley! A note on the trolley: if you've never been to SF, or ridden the trolley, I would recommend it. BUT, just know that you will have to wait a while to get on at certain times/stops throughout the day. 

5. LaBoulange

LaBoulange was the bakery that Starbucks used for a few years, and the original one started in SF, so I had to stop by! We ended up eating brunch there, and it was amazing. Josh still says it was one of his favorite brunched ever. :)


6. Sausalito

An afternoon in Sausalito is a must when visiting San Franscisco! You can get there by car, ferry, or bike as we did. It is so quaint and artsy. We ate at the Taco Shop (I had seen it on Pinterest!), and it was fresh and delicious- just what we needed after our bike ride! 


Check out the other guides, and let me know in the comments if you try out anything mentioned! Would love to hear about your travels!

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