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I am so happy to introduce officially my business bestie, Sarah Deshaw! She has popped up on the blog and on instagram before, but today we get to dive in and get some of business secrets! Sarah and I met at a creative group in Birmingham where she was a guest speaker. I knew I loved her when she said "I run a six figure business while working about 5-10 hours a week". My ears definitely perked up at that point! We ended up chatting over the phone after that, and since then have traveled together to Miami (read more here), and spent some time at her home in Chicago too (read more here). Sarah has sold her photography business, and now works to help creatives streamline their businesses to allow more freedom in their businesses and lives!

Thanks for sharing the love, Sarah! 

Tell us about your business/brand:

I’m a lifestyle and business blogger, and online educator for creative entrepreneurs who want maximize freedom, simplicity, and style in their lives. You can think of it as the new 4-hour workweek, for her ;) 

What is your favorite part- What really lights you up?

I am a firm believer that you can have it all if you dare to allow yourself: health, wealth, thriving relationships and a business that facilitates the lifestyle you truly want. It’s my absolute favorite to see creatives lit up and taking risks to create their own business doing exactly what they were made to do. I love helping others create fulfilling and brilliantly strategic businesses + lives

What are a few key words you would use to describe your brand?

Strategic, Elegant, Simple, Real


What is something you learned the hard way when building your business?

Only work on the activities in your business that are “needle movers,” meaning activities that will actually effect the future of your business and directly impact your income. I spent a lot of time feeling as if I needed to be everything for my business. Once I became okay with putting in less energy toward the busy-bee tasks by outsourcing or systematizing them, I was able to slow down and focus my energy on the big goals. This is when my income and productivity dramatically increased, while my work hours decreased. I believe being able to focus on the big goals and learning to not fall into the “busy trap” is the #1 key to success as an entrepreneur.

Do you have one tip that has really been a game changer for your business?

Keep the end goal firm, but remain flexible about how you get there. So much of successful entrepreneurship is adapting the method or route while keeping the end goal the same.

What is your favorite business book?

The Big Leap. It’s not necessarily a business book, but applying the concepts to my business has changed the way I deal with fear or risk in my business dramatically.

What do you do to relax/have fun after a long day of work?

I love to learn and explore. It’s my favorite to experience new sights, tastes, and learn about new strategies.

Anything exciting you are working on right now that you want to share?

My upcoming instagram course

What’s your favorite social media tool and any tips on how to use it best?

Instagram! Be authentic, show your personality, keep your photography simple and edit with VSCO cam!


Thank you again, Sarah! To get in touch or follow along with her, visit:

Website: | Instagram: @sarahdeshaw

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