How to Write Your About Me Page


I am so excited to introduce you to my copywriter go-to, Madison Whiteneck of Keeping the Creativity. Madison helped me write the copy for my website and other various projects, and is my saving grace when I'm simply stuck with words. She was so kind to help us all out with writing that (sometimes dreaded) About Me web page, and she even included an About Me Page Formula freebie (grab it below!)

Your branding stretches farther that your logo and color palette. Your brand includes how you choose to communicate who you are with your idea clients. Staying true to yourself is what a good brand is all about, and Madison has some great tips on how to formulate an About Me page that's true to your brand.

Take it away, Madison!

So you might be creating your first website or updating a current one. You are excited to incorporate your gorgeous branding, and you've got your smiling headshot ready to go. You cross off every to-do except for the dreaded about me page copy. You stare at the screen trying to come up with a flow of text that doesn’t sound too fluffy or too stiff. You contemplate taking off your about me page entirely. 
Before you delete that page, I have a little bit of a different approach for you! 

I want you to record either a voice memo or video of yourself responding to the questionnaire in our attached freebie.

Grab a friend if you can to help conduct the “interview.” While I totally get that it might seem like an odd method, just trust me! When you talk out your answers, you can pick up on the buzzwords you use to describe you and your business. These key phrases are perfect to incorporate into your about me page! Plus, it cuts out the overthinking you would do if you typed out your responses. 
Whenever I work with a new copywriting client for a rewrite of their bio page, we get together for an interview so I can learn more about them. Sometimes it’s in person, other times over Skype, but it’s always really casual. I make notations throughout our chat. I circle repeated words, almost connecting the dots behind their brand. Do the same for yourself! Listen back to your recording, taking notes and highlighting what stands out to you. 

While you may be afraid that you sound too cheesy or corny, don’t stray away from your true self.

Your quirks are your true qualities. It’s what makes you unique. So add in that sentence about how you listen to Disney songs while you edit photos or always wear comfy socks when you video chat a new client. I understand the desire to sound professional, but you need to add in those humanizing characteristics to avoid a robotic sounding bio page. 
Download your questionnaire here to get started! Quick tip - don’t review these questions for too long before your interview. Your responses will be so much better (and genuine to you) if you don’t have time to plan out your answers ahead of time! 


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