How I Stay Organized in my Business


Over my 3 years of business, I have learned the importance of organization and how it can save time, stress, and even money. Yes. money! I have sent the wrong files to print, had to make extra trips around town, misplaced files, etc. all from a lack of organization. No bueno! Nothing like an all-nighter, or money out of your own pocket to teach you that your biz needs a little tidying up! 

While organizing may feel overwhelming and like too much work that you just don't have time for, a lot of times the bulk of the work only has to be done once, and the rest is simply maintenance. Here's a few of my favorite ways to stay organized! 


1. I keep all of my files organized on Dropbox

I keep ALL of my files organized by year, project, or client and this is crucial for me for multiple reasons. 

1. I have 2 computers. My desktop at my studio, and a laptop that travels around with me. Dropbox is like a file sharing system! I can access everything I need from either computer.

2. It's backed up, so if a computer crashes, a client loses their files, or you spill a latte on your laptop (speaking from personal experience!) nothing is lost. This is probably the most important reason why I use external file storage. 

3. This last reason is less about Dropbox and more about file organization. I have a system of files that I use for every client and every project. I use the same folders every time, and each time I have a new client, I simply copy and paste the group of folders and rename them. I had to take the time to create this file system, but now it takes all of 10 seconds to set up a new client in my computer!

Dropbox is $99 a year for a terabyte or storage, which I don't think I'll every be able to fill up. It's worth every penny of the investment! 


2. I use ToDoIst for client management

I've tried lots of different client management tools for keeping up with where I am at in all of my projects, and ToDoIst is my favorite! Just like my file system, I created a system that I follow for each client, so every time I start working with someone new, I just copy and paste the system and begin checking off the list! I keep a master list of all of my clients on my desk, so I can see everyone at once every day, but each client is at a different stage in the process, so ToDoIst helps me know where I am at. I check off my progress, and it completely sets my mind at ease! 


3. I use my daily task sheet every day

Not kidding, y'all, I use this sheet every day (you can download it for free on my free resources page!) My favorite part is probably the bottom, where I keep track of who I need to get in touch with that day, and who I am waiting on. This is something that nags me in back of my mind and make me feel like I am forgetting something ALL day if I don't writ it down. When I write it down, I can "close a browser tab in my brain" so to speak. I know as long as I get in touch with those people by the end of the day, I am good to go! And for the people I am waiting on, I know those projects are not at the top of my list until I hear back from them. 

What can you tidy up in your business today to save you time, ease your mind, or keep money in your pocket?

If you're feeling overwhelmed or just don't know where to start, try setting aside a Friday, or one hour a day and just start on one area of your business. Maybe start by cleaning off the desktop on your computer (or your actual desktop!). Commit to getting organized, and little by little you will start to see so many benefits from tidying up your biz!

What are your favorite ways to stay organized? Let me know in the comments below! 


Emily Wells