Squarespace Glossary of Terms


CSS, Parallax, SEO, oh my! What do all of these foreign terms mean, what do they do, and why are they important? Let's chat about it! Below is a glossary of website terms specific to Squarespace websites. 


The dictionary definition of Parallax is "the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions, e.g., through the viewfinder and the lens of a camera."

In simple web terms, parallax is when your website has a 3d effect. It's where an image or area of your site is stationery, while other parts are moving. Here's an example of a parallax website. 

Squarespace Perk: If you aren't a big fan of parallax, but like the website layout you can "turn off parallax" in the Style Editor.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It means, optimizing your website with keywords, links, tags, articles, and other techniques to get more visitors to your website through various search engines. A few great ways to increase your site's visibility is adding in tags to all of your blog posts, linking your website on all of your social media accounts, and updating your website regularly. 

Here's a great article on Increasing Your Site's Visibility Through Squarespace


The dictionary term for analytics is "analysis on the data and statistics". Your website's analytics are a set of statistics on the traffic on your website. Your analytics will tell you where visitors are coming from, what pages/blog posts they are visiting the most, what keywords they are searching to find you, what social media apps they are using to get there, and so much more. You can use these analytics to adjust your site, it's keywords, and the topics you cover based on what is getting the most attention. 

Squarespace Perk: While Squarespace allows for a quick import of Google Analytics (which are great to plug in!), they also have a fully integrated analytics section. They even have an app, so you can quickly check your stats on the go! 


Your favicon is the small browser icon that pops up on browser tabs. See this blog post and tutorial I wrote all about adding a favicon to your website! 

Style Editor

This is where all of your branding lives! Here, you can import your brand colors, edit the fonts, change the size of your logo, and so much more. You can reveal and hide different blocks on your site, and customize your site to your liking!

Custom CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is a computer language (much like learning a foreign language!) that is used to write formatting instructions on your website. Squarespace has a Custom CSS section, so that you can edit your site beyond the Style Editor. Let's say you want to add a color block over an image when you mouse over it, or you want to hide your logo only on the home page. All of this can be done in the Custom CSS section of your website! If this still sounds like Greek to you, you can easily hire someone to make these edits for you. I use Upwork.com for any CSS edits I am not able to do. 

Banner Images

This is the image that spans the top of your website page. Depending on the template you choose, this banner image will be either full width, have a white border around it, be parallax, and more. You can even have video banners now, which are super cool! 

Check out this website, and this website with awesome video banners!


Your domain name is your "www" address. You can purchase this directly through Squarespace (comes free for one year with your first account!), or you can purchase these through different sites like GoDaddy, Blue Host, etc., and easily connect them to your Squarespace site. Your domain name usually costs around $10-$30/year. You can as many domain names as you would like, and not have any websites connected to them. 


Your hosting, is where your website actually lives. This is a separate fee from your domain name. Depending on the type of website you have (or would like to have), Squarespace hosting is around $100-$200 a year. A basic 10 page website is around $100, while a robust e-commerce site will be more. If you use Squarespace to host your website, you do not need any other hosting company. The only other website fee you should have would be for your domain, if you purchased it outside of Squarespace. 


A template is the basic structure that you use to model your website after. Squarespace templates are incredibly beautiful on their own, but also offer an incredibly wide range of customizations that you can do to them. A lot of times, people select their template based off of the preview that they see online. Squarespace does an amazing job of choosing only the best photography, typography, branding etc. to showcase their websites, but this can be a little bit confusing if you don't know the basic functions of each template. For instance, not all templates offer blog sidebars, some templates are better at e-commerce than others, some are full width, and some have lots of outer white space, and more. 

So how do you know which template is right for you? For starters, here's a great article about the different templates and what they offer. But, here's where I can help too!!

I'm all about equipping business owners with the tools that they need to feel fully in control of their brands, and that includes websites! I love making sure my clients feel educated and empowered, especially when it comes to something as intimidating as a website, and I want the same for all of you! 

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