Takeaways from a week with my Mastermind Group

Mastermind Retreat in Charleston, SC

A few weeks ago, I travelled to Charleston, South Carolina with my mastermind group for a week of exploring and most importantly, masterminding! If you aren't familiar with what a mastermind is, it's a group of people that get together and collectively work through ideas, problems, projects, etc. in their businesses. For Sarah, Kate, and me, we meet over Google Hangout once a month, and aim to meet once or twice a year in person. We are each allotted a set amount of time to bring a question, problem, or idea to the group, and then everyone contributes solutions, resources, ideas, etc. Being apart of this mastermind has been so beneficial for my business, and I encourage you to hop in to one if you haven't already! For more on masterminding, and to hear how I found my mastermind group, check out this post, and this podcast.


One thing that I love about my mastermind group is how each conversation is turned into a learning lesson for one or all of us in the group. Whether we are hunkered down at a table in intense masterminding mode, or eating loaded french fries at a swanky restaurant, each conversation provides growth for us.  I wish I could've taken a recorder so that I could share all of the random conversations with you all, but I will do my best to sum up some of my biggest takeaways from this trip!

1. What you sow (into your business) you will reap.

We all know that investing in your business is beneficial, but let's be honest, it's also really scary. Whether it be an online course, a coach, hiring a team member, or even hiring someone like me to help with branding, making an investment can bring a lot of fear, and a lot of times we just put it on the back burner. 

For me personally, there are areas of my business that I need to hire for, but the thought of going through the process of finding someone that I like, training them, and trusting them to do the job as I would myself seemed rather daunting. But what is even more daunting is the thought of my business continuing to grow, and me still holding on to those areas of my business that I need to let go of. There is only one of me, and a lot to be done! 

Every time I have made an investment in my business, my business has grown that much more, and I just needed to be reminded that it would be no different this time around. Denise Duffield Thomas uses the term "New Level, New Devil", and it's true! The fears don't ever go away, you just need to learn to adjust each time. Which leads me to my next point...

2. It isn't as hard as you are making it out to be.

It can be anything from learning something new, to outsourcing a part of your business, and the truth is it isn't as hard as we make it out to be. For instance, let's say blogging isn't a strong suit for you. You know you need to blog for SEO or social media purposes, but sitting down and writing a blog sounds painful to you. You also know that outsourcing it is an option, but the thought of teaching someone how to write a blog specifically for your business, not to mention getting it on your website feels just as overwhelming as writing it yourself, if not more. So what happens? Nothing. No blogs are written, and no outsourcing is done because both options feel paralyzing. 

The reality is, training someone to write your blogs is as easy as recording your process on your computer screen (using Quicktime if you are a Mac user), giving the freelancer a copy of your past posts, and have them research topics that they could write on related to your specific field. It may take some trial and error to find someone you like, but by recording your process, and making some notes here and there as you go, you've created a system that can be passed down from person to person if needed. You've done the hard work one time, and you are able to benefit from it for years to come. 

For me, I had gotten really comfortable with outsourcing parts of my business either online or to my (awesome) interns, but there were certain areas that I felt like just had to be done by me. In reality, I just needed to take the time to record my exact process, and once it's done, it can easily be passed down. Since Charleston, I have outsourced jobs that I have been holding on to since I started my business, and my freelancers (and interns) have completed the tasks flawlessly (and for a lot less money than I was expecting.)  I have my awesome interns I can delegate to, and I often use Upwork.com too. 

3. Sometimes going on an "information diet" is ok.

This was a funny, but very freeing topic of conversation that we had all throughout the trip. I am normally a sponge for new information and concepts, and learning new things from others. I usually start every morning by reading a business book, and listen to a new podcast on my way into the studio. I then either pop on my headphones and turn on another podcast, or read up on business blogs, etc. Lately though, I have turned it all off. I haven't been in the mood to read or listen to much of anything business related- I just want to jam to music! This has made me feel guilty, and feel that if I take a hiatus, everyone else around me will be getting ahead, and I'll get behind. I brought this up to Kate and Sarah, and realized I am definitely not alone! Sarah is the one who coined the term "information diet" (which I loved ha!), and as we talked, we realized it's just a season of life (that we were actually all in) that everyone goes through from time to time. It's ok to simply relax and enjoy music or a murder mystery podcast everyone once in a while! Take the time you need to break away, and when you come back, you'll be that much more rejuvenated, and you can fill up your sponge once again! :) 

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