Travel Guide: 5 Days in Charleston, SC


A few weeks ago, I travelled to Charleston, SC with my gal pals Kate and Sarah for a Mastermind Retreat. Below are our favorite spots and recommendations!

Video by Sarah Deshaw


Vintage Coffee is in Mount Pleasant, near the beaches. It's such a cute part of town that I don't think we would have explored had we not stumbled upon VCC on Yelp! It's a really cute spot, and the food and coffee was really delicious. I got the breakfast burrito and a cappucino!


Rainbow Row is simply a must see, especially if you want to snap some pictures. It's in walking distance to lots of shops and restaurants, so it's a great area to just spend the afternoon walking around. It would also be really fun to rent bikes, or do a walking tour! 


We actually happened upon Carmella's one afternoon, and I am so glad we did! Carmella's was my favorite coffee spot. It's actually a dessert bar too, so if you're looking for something sweet it's a great spot. We parked here for a few hours and got some work done, and it was so pleasant. They left the front doors open, so there was a nice breeze. I would definitely recommend Carmella's!


Eleve' was such a swanky lunch spot! We ate inside, because it was hot and rainy, but they have an awesome outdoor rooftop patio. We swooned over the aesthetics of this whole place- perfection! And, I know I have a really pretty picture here of my caprese salad, but I actually wouldn't recommend it! It was incredibly salty and I wasn't able to eat but about held of it. Kate and Sarah are going to laugh when they read this because I didn't tell them I didn't like it haha!

Pounce Cat Cafe

Hello, dream cafe! I have heard of cat cafe's, and pictured them in my dreams (lol), so when Pounce popped up on Yelp, we just had to check it out. It's $15/hour but that includes a free cocktail or coffee. There were so many cats! Unfortunately, a lot of them weren't too snuggly, but we had fun anyways! All of the cats are up for adoption, so if you fall in love with one you can take it home! They had a really high adoption rate too- over 250 had been adopted in less than 6 months! We only stayed about 30 minutes because a lot of the cats just couldn't be bothered, so if you go, consider if $15 is worth it for about half and hour and a cocktail.


Cannon Green was so beautiful and romantic! It's actually an event space as well as a restaurant for weddings and/or receptions.  It would be the perfect date night spot too! I got the pasta (of course ha!), and we split 3 desserts. It was all too good for words. The food and ambiance puts this place at the top of my list for recommendations. 

charleston by sarah deshaw-3275.jpg


How cute is that vintage espresso machine below? We went to The Daily as our last stop before heading home. We wanted a coffee shop that was (obviously) cute and picturesque. Suprisingly, a lot of the coffee shops in Charleston were darker and older. Funny story about The Daily- all 3 of us ordered avacado toast, no differences in our orders, and we each got 3 different toasts! They were each really good so we didn't complain, but Sarah's was bread and avo, Kate's had bread, avo and tomato, and mine had bread, avo, tomato, and scrambled eggs on top! No idea why, but we got a laugh out of it!


These final shot are from just exploring the downtown area! We had so much fun walking the streets, chatting away, and taking some fun photos. Isn't Sarah talented?! What are your favorite Charleston spots? Let me know in the comments!

Love these girls to pieces! 

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