How to Choose Your Brand Color Palette

Your color palette is one of the most powerful and visual tools of your brand. It assists in setting the mood for your brand and helps you communicate meaning before you ever say a word. The color palette you choose will be fully integrated into every part of your brand, not just your logo. Your colors should be consistent in your website, social media, photography, print materials, logo, and even your wardrobe! 

More than likely, your color palette are colors that you are already instinctively drawn to, so once you establish what they are, it will be easy to naturally integrate those colors into your brand. 

When facing brand decisions, you will be able to easily say yes to your brand colors, and no to colors that aren't consistent with what you have already established.

So how do you actually pick those colors?

Let's get technical and start with science. Science has proven that colors have some serious power on our psychological and emotional states. This means that colors are often connected to feelings or emotional reactions. Here's a look into what some color represent:



Step 1

Take a look at the colors above, and note which words best describe you and your brand. Are there one or two colors that represent you the most? What kind of feelings do you want your audience to feel when they look at your brand? Think about the key words you use to describe your brand. Based on all of these answers, what colors best reflect your brand?

Step 2

Hop on Pinterest and search for images using the colors you like. Simply search "Yellow", "Pink", "Blue". If you are already clued in on specific shades of your favorite colors, you can search things like "Blush", "Dusty Blue", "Peach". Find some images that really grab your attention. What other colors are used in those images? 

Step 3

After you find a few images with color combos that you love, search for those specific colors and add the term "color palette" after. For example, search "Peach and Emerald color palette", "Blush and Navy color palette", "Dusty Blue and Cream color palette". This specific search will pull up lots of options for complimentary color combos that are ready to use!


Remember that once you establish your brand colors, it's important to stay consistent. For example, if you redecorate your bedroom and it's gray, dusty blue, and white, it would throw off the whole bedroom if you put a hot pink glitter pillow on the bed, right? The same is true for your brand!

Establishing your color palette will make your decisions easier, and your brand more easily recognizable to your ideal audience.