4 Brand Moves We Can Learn From Taylor Swift


I have no problem admitting it. I am a Swifty. I’ve been belting her tunes since the early country days, and as she has transitioned into the pop world, I have only grown to love her more. I’ve chanted “We are never, ever getting back together”, celebrated to “22” on my 22nd birthday, and done my fair share of “Shaking it off”. The money I forked over for her 1989 tour was worth every dime, and did I pay $30 for a t-shirt? You bet I did. Her relatable lyrics and catchy melodies have sent her to the top of the charts, but there’s so more to it than that. Taylor and her team have made some super savvy brand moves along the way that we can all learn from and use in our own businesses. Here’s 4 moves that I have observed from the T-Swift brand.


No matter what genre Taylor has been in, or what the theme of her albums has been, she has embraced the brand fully, and has carried it out in all aspects of her life. During her country days, we saw big blond curls and cowboy boots. For her album Red, we saw red lips almost every time we saw Taylor. With 1989, she revealed a new haircut and clothing style, and we saw her strutting the streets of NYC more than anywhere else (#welcometonewyork). Whatever season of life, music, and business she has been in, she has been ALL in. When Taylor embraces her brand so fully, she makes it so easy for her fans to do the same. We see it, we feel it, we get it. Your brand and you are one and the same. Your brand should be a perfect reflection of who you are, and where you are right now in your life and business. When you are living out your brand so fully and authentically, your closet looks like your brand, your home looks like your brand, your instagram looks like your brand. It’s easily grasped whether we see your logo, or whether we see you walk into a coffee shop.



Tay Tay has her fair share of celebrity gal pals, and genuinely invests into their lives, interests, and families. She supports their big dreams and accomplishments, and snuggles on the couch with their kiddos. From the looks of things, she's a super supportive friend, and then in turn, she gets supportive friends as well. Take her Bad Blood music video for instance. It's full of A-listers like Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba, Lily Aldridge, and Cindy Crawford. Because she has supported these women, they all step in to support Taylor. They all got to be in an awesome music video together, and of course during promo time, they all promoted it to to their millions of followers. Good for them, good for Taylor… catch the drift? Who can you genuinely connect with this week? Is there someone that you look up to that you’ve been wanting to email? Some business friends you can mastermind with and equally push each other forward? Go for it. 



Taylor knows her ideal client. In her case, it's the people buying her albums, showing up to the concerts, and belting out her tunes as anthems to their everyday lives. She also knows exactly where she can find her fans and how she can connect with them. She comments on their Instagram's and Tumblr’s, and she invites them to her home for cookies and dance parties. She searches them out, and interacts with them directly, gaining the love and respect of those specific fans for life, and the respect and love from all those who witness it.  Knowing your ideal client is so important. Speaking their language is vital to the growth of your business and brand. Do you know your ideal client well? Do you know what she/he looks like, where she shops at, what she wears, and what she listens to? Learn them, study them, and do everything you do as if you are speaking or selling directly to that person. 


You brand WILL evolve. It will change. You’ll have new ideas and new products; you will change from Country to Pop. But it’s all about owning your brand, living it out fully, and embracing the change as well. When you fully embrace the evolution, your followers will as well. Think about if Taylor had let fear of what people or producers thought or said hold her back? There would have been a legit Blank Space, baby (heheh). She has experienced exponential growth with each album sold (Her album Red sold 4 million copies, while 1989 has surpassed 5 million), and it’s because she has decided what she has wanted, changed what is necessary, and lived out the newness fully.  So many people (myself included) hold themselves back from a big logo change, business name change, or product change thinking that they may lose clients or customers, or that it will get confusing and not make sense to the consumer. I experienced this in my own business when I went from “Emily Anne Designs” to “Emily Wells Design”. I was scared to change the insta handle, scared to change the logo, scared to change the email. But guess what? Everyone accepted it as if it were just another day. I made sure to make all the proper technical moves as to not leave anyone behind (like forward all my emails and redirect my old domain name), but no followers were lost, and nothing fell apart. In fact, it has made things easier for me, and caused growth along the way. I was always having to spell out “Anne”, which was inconvenient, and when I switched over to Emily Wells Design, I switched everything at one time, which brought consistency and cohesiveness to my whole brand. 

If you are wanting to design a whole new look for your brand, don’t let fear hold you back (and let me know how I can help you!) If you are thinking of selling a new product or service… offer it! You will evolve and grow, and all of your followers will accept it and grow with you. 

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