How To Create A Curated Instagram Feed


For all of you that shudder at the thought of having to use a fancy camera, don’t worry. 

Your iPhone can take photos that work perfectly fine for your Instagram account!

There are tons of useful editing apps and tools that can help give your photos the look that you are going for. 

That said, you still might be asking what you should be taking photos of. Well, you really can take photos of anything that fits within your brand! 

Here’s two questions you might ask when considering posting the photos that you have taken to your brand’s Instagram: 

Does this fit within my brand’s color pallete?

Consistency is important, even in photos. Be mindful of what you are taking photos of and how they might look near each other on your Instagram feed. After all, your clients will look at your Instagram grid as a whole. If it doesn’t fit, don’t post it! 

Is this something that my clients would be attracted to?

The purpose of your Instagram is to clearly communicate with your clients and with the people that you want to be your clients. Whether it’s a tip that might prove helpful, a beautiful image with a caption that shares details about a resource that you’ve created, or a travel guide in a city that your client might travel to, if the photo is something that your clients would relate to, it’s probably safe to post it. 

Whether you ask these questions or tailor them to be more specific to your brand, it’s essential that your Instagram feed is cohesive.

VSCO is one app that we love for helping create consistency!


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