Creating Filters For Your Brand


With constantly changing culture and constantly evolving creativity all around us, it’s essential to remind ourselves that we have a unique voice in a unique space. We are all growing our own brands, and all have a specific lane to work in.

When moving forward with projects from a visual standpoint, it’s helpful to ask ourselves the following three questions:  

Does this fit within my color palette?

Color palettes visually communicate our brand far before client consultations. The visuals that we share with potential clients either draw in business or detract from our brand. With this in mind, we’ve found that asking this simple questions serves as a filter to what we post on social media, how we design our website and the products that we create. 

Does this communicate within my style?

Words and tone matter in regards to communicating our style. Before finalizing a project, taking a moment to ask this question allows the opportunity to control what message is communicated about our brand.

Does this represent my key words?

Key words help us to identify our brand. Whether we’re talking about keywords that define our brand or keywords that we use within our brand, they have the ability to create brand recognition. Part of asking this question allows us to filter what our ideal clients see and know about our brand, and ultimately play a role in determining which projects are best for us to move forward with. 

The beauty of creating filters for our brand allows space to say no to projects that detract from our brand in order to take on projects that further grow the brand that we are creating. Guidelines set us up for success in the long-run and offer filters for maximizing growth and ultimately, expanding our creativity. 

Once confirmed that everything fits within our brand, filters allow the opportunity to be proud of the work that we have created

At the end of the day, we know that we aren’t all expert designers. We’ve made it easy - check out the Brand Collection and let us customize brand name and colors in a way that sets you up for success! Every element of your brand will be ready within two weeks - we can’t wait to connect! 

Lindsey Washington