I Know What I Like, So Why Do I Need a Mood Board?


A huge helpful thing that we often overlook when it comes to mood boards is that Mood boards give us a constant backdrop to ask the question “Is this consistent with the brand that I am building?” 

Whether it be taking on a new project or adding to your home, it’s essential to make sure that new things fit within the brand that we are creating.

That said, it’s also important to think outside the box when it comes to creating our brand. 

Here’s a simple outline to help you get started on creating your own mood board : 

  1. Create a secret board on Pinterest.

    Are you fearful of what others thing? No worries! This board serves the purpose of inspiring you, and you only. Mood boards are the starting point for structure and the beginning of endless creativity. Have fun with it! 

  2. Specify your search.

    What are you most attracted to? If you love coffee shops, try searching for a variety of styles in different places. If you’re drawn to fashion, start there. Tap into what you love and then broaden the creativity of your search as you go. Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration in unlikely places.

  3. Notice style trends.

    Do you notice a repetition of certain colors or patterns? Is a vintage style more appealing than clean, modern lines? A huge piece of creating a mood board for your brand is noticing what you are drawn to and being true to the unique personality that you give to your brand. 

I’ve heard at times that creating a mood board can feel limiting because it gives a concrete element to your style, but in reality it serves as inspiration to dream bigger, while staying true to your brand. Contrary to popular belief, the additional step of visualizing what you like instead of simply “knowing your style" creates more creative freedom. 

Lindsey Washington