Narrowing Down Your Unique Communication Style


We’ve said it before, but what you feel is repetitive, your ideal client feels is consistent. When you commit to sticking with your specified communication style, you’re creating consistency for your ideal clients.

There’s always room for growth, but a key element to narrowing your communication style is understanding who you are and how you interact with others.

You want the way that you communicate to your ideal client visually and in writing to be the same as if the two of your were sitting down to visit at a local coffee shop.

How do you interact with people?

Think through what you listen to, what you watch, and how you engage with those around you. To fine tune your brand’s communication style, you have to take an honest look at yourself. It’s hard to communicate in way that doesn’t represent who you are, and you have to be true to who you are in order to create your unique voice. 

How does your ideal client interact with people?

When you envision the clients that you want to work with, what are they drawn to? Where do they spend there time? How do they connect with others? What do you think they want to communicate through their brand? It’s important to find where your communication style meets your ideal clients communication style in order to develop a successful working relationship. You have to know who you are talking to in order to draw in the client that you want to work with. 

There’s a lot freedom in being true to yourself. When you communicate through your brand the same way that you communicate over coffee with an ideal client, you’ll begin to draw in the clients that you want to work with. 


Lindsey Washington