The Only Person You Have To Fear Is Yourself


We get it, starting a new business is scary. A million questions fill your head, and if you’re like most, doubt and fear creep in really, really easily.

There’s a lot of talent out there and it’s really easy to compare or want to be like everyone else. 

However, you have several qualities that make you extremely unique within your brand. While growing the foundation of your brand, it’s necessary to work in a way that communicates specifically who you are. 

Communicating effectively and consistently develops confidence as you lead your brand forward. As you grow in confidence, the tendency to operate out of fear grows less and less.

Remember : 

  • If you feel LIKE YOUR ARE BEING repetitive, your clients see consistency. 

  • If you feel like you’re thinking so far outside of the box, your clients see creativity. 

  • If you feel like you’re communicating to a specific group of people, your clients most likely feel like you’re communicating directly to them. 

By embracing the uniqueness that you bring to your brand, you’re on the right track to cultivating the unique, creative clients that you want to attract. 

How well do you know your brand? Your communication style, your ideal client, your specialty? Take The Brand Quiz and see how well you score!

Lindsey Washington