You Weren’t Made To Do Everything… It’s Okay! Three Ways to Find The Best Intern


When growing your brand, it’s important to hire an intern that you trust is capable to do what you need.

You need someone talented, but you also need someone who has a solid work ethic and upstanding character.  

Once you have considered what your needs are, what your wants are, and the outline of work that your intern will be doing, it’s time to start searching.

For a starting point, we’ve outlined three avenues for finding the right person for your team. 

  1. Connect with local universities: One thing that we have found helpful is to get to know the heads of the majors that your brand might benefit from. Often times, professors will recommend certain students that have displayed strong work ethic and excellent skills within their fields. Be open minded to what majors you connect with and don’t be afraid to think creatively about how branching out might help grow your brand. 

  1. Post on social media : We think you’ll be surprised at how many people will boldly ask to join your team. One part of Instagram that we sometimes look over is that once the connection is made, you can learn a lot about who you’re considering hiring. From looking through photos and captions, you might notice similarities that would make it easy to connect, or see a skill that you can help develop. It’s important not only for skills to be a good fit, but also for you and your interns personalities to connect, and social media can offer space for that to happen. 

  1. Network within your circle : Never underestimate the power of talking amongst people in your field of work. Some of the best interns come from friends making connections. One benefit of finding your intern through networking is the trust factor often at play. When taking recommendations from connections, you can almost always count on someone being able to speak for the character of who you hire. This simple factor can go a long way in regards to being confident in your interns character and work ethic. 

Connection happens on all sorts of levels. Though looking for a season, you never know… you may end up finding someone that you want to join your team long-term, or someone that comes back to join your team later on. The opportunities are endless!

Lindsey Washington