Two Guidelines for Building The Foundation of Your Brand

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As creative entrepreneurs, we can all be tempted to say yes to more than we can handle. More so, we can tend to say yes to things that are outside of the limitations of our brand in an effort to grow our network. 

But, can we let you in on a little secret? 

More often than not, saying no to things that are outside your brand make room for more opportunities to be successful within your own brand. Saying no allows space for you to grow your brand, instead of simply widening your skill set. 

When initially considering a contract with a new client, here’s two simple questions to ask yourself : 

  1. Is this a project that excites me?

    As you grow in your trade, people will begin to recognize your talent. It’s important to remember that the work that you produce should attract the clients that you want to reach. If you are doing work that you aren’t excited about, chances are that your work will reflect your mindset as time goes on. You want potential clients to see the heart that you put into your work. 

  2. Will this enhance the brand I am working towards building or will it be a distraction to the client I am trying to reach?

    Chances are, if you’re confused, your audience is probably confused as well. Even though it can be scary to say no, it’s important to only move forward with clients that will grow the brand that you are working so hard to create. 

A wise man once said “A jack of all trades is a master of none.” The sooner you learn to operate within the limitations of your brand, the sooner you’ll experience the space needed to be more creative than you thought possible.


Do you need to gain clarity on your brand? Is it high time you start saying no? Take the Brand Discovery Challenge, and start saying YES to what you love, and NO to what you don’t

Lindsey Washington