How to know when it's time to rebrand

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A good brand is a foundation for a great business. It helps clients and customers recognize your business right away. It makes you stand apart from the crowd of competitors. Trying to decide if it’s time for a rebrand? It might be time if one of these is you:

1. Your aren’t attracting the right client

Let’s say you’re in the wedding industry, and when you branded your business, you went with what’s typical in your field. Pastel colors, scripts, flourishes, etc., but at the end of the day, you are funky, carefree, and silly. You want to attract brides that match your funky personality, but your getting inquiries from brides assuming you are floral, feminine, and sweet. It’s time to let your personality shine through in your branding. What you put out you will attract, so show your uniqueness in your brand, and you’ll attract clients that want what you have.

2. Your business has taken a turn

For me, when I first started my business, I was the yes girl. I took on every client and project that I could to get my name out there and get my business off of the ground. After a few years I decided it was time to really narrow down on the work that I was doing and the type of client I worked with. I needed a rebrand to reflect my new business direction! This rebrand for me is when my business really started to grow. My brand now match the direction of my business, and I started gaining brand recognition.


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3. You have grown out of your branding

Your business has seen great progress since your first logo. Congrats! This is awesome. You want your visuals to reflect this growth.

4. Styles have changed

No matter how timeless we try to go when creating our brands, at the end of the day, style change, seasons change, new fonts are created, etc. I suggest evaluating your brand every 1-2 years and making small tweaks if necessary, and considering a rebrand every 5-10.

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