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Understanding Your Brand System

You've made the leap, and invested in professional brand design. Go YOU! Having a complete brand system is going to make a world of a difference in your business as you grow. But what do you do with all of those files?? JPG, EPS, CMYK, RGB... what does it all mean?! Below is a breakdown of my complete brand system, and how to best use each file type. 

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How to Choose Your Brand Color Palette

Your color palette is one of the most powerful and visual tools of your brand. It assists in setting the mood for your brand and helps you communicate meaning before you ever say a word. The color palette you choose will be fully integrated into every part of your brand, not just your logo. Your colors should be consistent in your website, social media, photography, print materials, logo, and even your wardrobe! 

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Takeaways from a week with my Mastermind Group

A few weeks ago, I travelled to Charleston, South Carolina with my mastermind group for a week of exploring and most importantly, masterminding! If you aren't familiar with what a mastermind is, it's a group of people that get together and collectively work through ideas, problems, projects, etc. in their businesses. For Sarah, Kate, and me, we meet over Google Hangout once a month, and aim to meet once or twice a year in person.

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Ask Emily: How Do You Cultivate New (Ideal) Clients?

Question: "How do you cultivate new clients? Particularly finding the right clients for you. Most of my clients are word of mouth, and they aren’t always the type of clients that best fits my business." - Lisa

Answer: Thank you so much for this question, Lisa! I'd love to answer your question by sharing part of my story, because I know exactly how you feel.

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