To get a feel for my writing style, a great place to start is my website! Read through the following links

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Brand Keywords

  • Educational

  • Inspirational
  • Minimal
  • Feminine
  • Casual

My Ideal Client

She is mid 20's-30's, and she a really strong business idea (or already existing business) that is about to take off. She understands the importance of good branding, and is willing to invest so that it's done right. She is a consumer of information and she is very smart/strategic about the moves she is making in her business. She enjoys quiet moments by herself to read, meditate, etc. but also loves letting lose with her friends. She enjoys traveling and exploring whether that means a jet-setting adventure or a day long road trip.

Words/phrases I don't like in Writing:

  • Girlboss
  • Boss Babe
  • Fempire

Words/Phrases to use instead:

  • Creative Entrepreneur
  • Business Owner
  • I often replace the word "Business" with the word "Brand" just the emphasize the importance of branding in my verbiage.

My main areas of promotion this semester are:

  1. The Brand Collection
  2. The Build Your Brand Course
  3. Interns 101 Course
  4. How to Make Mood Boards Mini Course

I would like for each blog post to direct to one of these resources. I am in the process of working on funnels for each, so we will get to that later, but each blog topic should lead to one of these four areas.

Step 1: Create the blog post

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Step 2: create Canva Blog Graphics

Please create 4 blog graphics for each post for pinterest. Choose one graphic to add in to the actual blog post, and then upload all 4 to pinterest linking to the post. See tutorial below!

Blog Graphic 1

Blog Graphic 2

Blog Graphic 3

Blog Graphic 4


Blog Imagery

Use ONLY for gathering images. Do not pull from Pinterest as we could get in trouble. Below is the link to my brand imagery. Feel free to use these too!

step 3: Add Graphics to Pinterest (once blogs are live)

Login: Password: (either) pinkoffice or pink08988

Follow the instructions via the video below to add blogs/graphics to Pinterest! Once you've added in the Pins, please get them on the appropriate board such as "branding tips" "social media tips", etc.