website design questionnaire

Hello! I am so excited to be working with you on your new website! Please fill out the questionnaire below as elaborately and honestly as possible. Thank you!

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5. Will your website have e-commerce now or anytime in the future? *
6. Will your website have a blog now or anytime in the future? *
If yes, is there an existing blog that needs to be migrated over?
Home, About, Contact, Shop, Etc.
Video banners, maps, forms, etc.
7. Your style
List 3 websites you are drawn to and what you like about them in as much detail as possible.
10. Look at the websites below, and select your favorites. Try to look beyond the pictures shown, and look at the layout of the site.
Check all that apply

Full Page, Full width, imagery driven

Banner Imagery with Content Visible Underneath

Grid Layout (Best for Bloggers, Photographers, Portfolios)

Websites with Large Borders Around the Content